Artificial Intelligent Robotic Animals and Androids

Presently you can buy a robotic dog and they have robotic cats. The other day I saw a robotic dinosaur, don’t worry it’s only two foot tall, at BestBuy, Wal-Mart and Circuit City. I suppose lure or other robotic dog or a robotic makes a lot of sense. I mean you do not have to pick up the dog crap and you save a lot of money in food.

Yet your robotic dog will still bark at intruders and keep you company. A robotic animal in your home may also come with other features for instance a CD changer, a WiFi a system or even video surveillance camera which runs remote it can be sent anywhere over the Internet in real-time. Pretty cool stuff indeed for humans in the present period.

Soon we will have artificially intelligent robotic androids, which will mow the lawn, wash the car, clean your clothes and take out the trash. If you have not converted to a robotic dog, then your artificially intelligent robotic android may be able to walk your dog for you. Of course, diet failure is not your fault you lazy bum. But what happens if your real dog dies in your dear robotic dog and your robotic android is scheduled every day to walk your dog. Your robotic dog obviously will have a feature to take a walk, this feature of artificial intelligence was programmed into your robotic dog to help you as a human state thin.

Since your robotic dog is programmed to go for a walk and your artificially intelligent robotic android is prescheduled to walk the dog in programmed to do so. Then you will send them out every day around the neighborhood. And if you feel like it; your dog can videotape the entire walk and all the other robotic dogs and androids walking around. The future may be a very interesting place. This is your neighborhood on robots.


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